About Us

Our church is dedicated to the worship and magnification of God and of His son Christ, who died to save us from our sins.  And we are built upon his word, that rock and sure foundation which will never fail.  No man can change or annul the law of God, “till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled," (Matthew 5: 18).  

Our duty is to seek the law, and we will find it, to obey it and make it a part of our lives.  Only then can we inherit the kingdom of God.  We are disciples of Christ. We are Christians, not only according to the confession of our mouths, but it is demonstrated through our actions, by how we live our lives.  

A true Christian is one who walks as Christ walked, who worships on the seventh day Sabbath, as Christ worshipped, who keeps the Passover as Christ kept the Passover, who sacrificed the things of this world as Christ sacrificed, and therefore, in all ways, one who obeys the Father as Christ obeyed.  Our church firmly believes in teaching the law and real truth about Jesus Christ.  That is our charge and our profession.  It’s our life’s work.  



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"Christ is the head of the church..."
"Fear God & keep his commandments.."

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