Our History

Our church was started in 1954 with James and Ethel Webb, when the Spirit of God called them out of other churches and revealed to them the brightness of his truth and the promise to his chosen people.  The church began as a single family and worshipped in the home. Eventually other families and individuals joined us and for years, we worshipped from place to place and from home to home without a permanent  church building.  

The Household of Israel and Temple of Jesus Christ, as it is today, was incorporated in May of 1978 under the leadership of Ethel V. Webb, founder and church mother.  Mother Webb was a great teacher of the truth and of the gospel of Jesus.  She dedicated her life to the study of the scriptures.   She was a model steward and was tireless in her service in the house of God.  She established through the Holy Spirit, our pattern and order of worship which we continue to follow today.  It was her life’s dream to have a permanent church home, and the Lord blessed her to see this fulfilled in September 1992, when much through her financial as well as her moral support, and her excellent example to all of us, we began worshipping here at our present address, 2266 Arthur Street.  

Mother Webb pointed us to Christ, and though she is no longer with us we continue to look to Jesus, study the word, preach the gospel, teach the truth, and maintain the stewardship of the church of God. 


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"Christ is the head of the church..."
"Fear God & keep his commandments.."

2266 Arthur Street | Gary, IN 46404 | 219.949.9308 | www.householdofisrael.org