Sabbath Day Service

“Give unto the Lord the glory due unto his name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness” 

Our worship service is the time that we come together as one body to give reverence, glory and praise to God.  The spirit of God has shown us how to come before him to worship.  Our service is dedicated to reverencing God and nourishing the membership. Much of our service is different and distinct from other churches.

The Reciting of the Law 
As a part of the opening of our service, we recite together the Commandments and the Testimonies of Jesus Christ.  We do this to acknowledge our covenant with the Lord and to place into remembrance the importance of obeying God’s law.  

Everybody Has a Voice 
We encourage all anointed and baptized members of our church to testify.  Our testimony period begins with the Sermon from our Pastor lasting about 30 minutes. This is followed by testimonies by our members.  Adult members typically testify by order of age.  Our children’s class comes before God to present their lesson before the church.  Every other week immediately after break we have a bible class

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Our Artwork Sets Us Apart
Our walls also testify to our beliefs.  Our walls praise the Lord.  You will see that the artwork on our walls all give a message.   There are no sculptures or pictures of Christ in his supposed human form.  Why?  There’s a very good answer for this and it stems from the second commandment, “Thou shall not make unto thee any graven image....”

Our Music 
Many of the songs we sing were written by our members.  Spiritual songs should not merely be about an exciting beat but provide a message reflecting God’s truth.  We never bring in songs from popular musicians that sound like Rhythm and Blues or Jazz or rap or Pop music.  These are not holy or spiritual, but carnal.  If you can talk you can sing. The Holy Ghost will take the song that you sing and perfect it making it a sweet savor acceptable to God.



Music Sampler

Written by: Elisabeth C. Pointer

Written by: Elisabeth C. Pointer

Written by: Elisabeth C. Pointer

Written by: Elisabeth C. Pointer 

Lyrics by: Derrick Pointer; Music by: James Webb Sr. 

Lyrics by: Derrick Pointer; Music by: Marcus Davis 


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