Testimonies of Faith

"But exhort one another daily, while it is called today...."

The Feast of Tabernacles & Ingathering

NEW! Self vs Self: An In Depth Look at the Testimonies & It's Opposing Forces

Back to the Basics

Audio File: BacktotheBasics-7_24_232.58PM.m4a (7.19MB)

Spirit of Poorness Part 1

Audio File: SpiritofPoornessPart1-7_25_237.57PM.m4a (12.05MB)

Spirit of Poorness (Part 2)

Audio File: TheSpiritofPoornessPart2-7_25_238.08PM.m4a (14.52MB)

Celebrate the 7th Month Feasts (Part I): Trumpets & Atonement

The Still & Small Voice (Trumpets)

Audio File: TheStillSmallVoice.m4a (6.03MB)

Repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand: a Warning from Christ (Trumpets)

Audio File: RepentfortheKingdomofHeavenIsatHand.m4a (5.74MB)

We Must Blow the Trumpet: Speak & Live the Law (Trumpets)

Audio File: WeMustBlowtheTrumpet_SpeaktheLawLivetheLaw-April.m4a (5.61MB)

We Are Troubled on Every Side Yet Not Distressed (Atonement)

Audio File: WeAreTroubledonEveryside-Colleen.m4a (4.53MB)

Living a Spiritual Fast: Sacrifice Today & Live Tomorrow (Atonement)

Audio File: LivingaSpiritualFast-SacrificeTodaySoYouCanLiveTomorrowAtonement-SisterTam.m4a (4.87MB)

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Celebrate the 7th Month Feasts (Part II): Tabernacles & Ingathering

The Feast of Tabernacles & Ingathering

Audio File: FeastofTabernaclesIngathering.mp3 (13.24MB)

The Resurrection

Audio File: TheResurrection.mp3 (9.73MB)

When the Holy Spirit Lives in You

Is the Holy Spirit God?...What You Need to Know

Audio File: IstheHolySpiritGod_....WhatYouNeedtoknow.mp3 (8.09MB)

Becoming a New Person: the Spiritual Rebirth

Audio File: BecomingaNewPerson_theSpiritualRebirth.mp3 (5.11MB)

Communion with the Holy Ghost

Audio File: CommunionwiththeHolyGhost.mp3 (9.63MB)

Prophet Elijah

Audio File: SpiritofElijah.mp3 (14.63MB)

John the Baptist

Audio File: JohntheBaptist.mp3 (6.35MB)

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The Characteristics & Works of the Holy Spirit

The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit

Audio File: OutpouringoftheHolySpirit.mp3 (3.19MB)

He Is the Comforter

Audio File: HolySpirit-Comfort.mp3 (5.94MB)

He Is the Spirit of Truth

Audio File: HeIstheSpiritofTruth.mp3 (4.76MB)

Do Not Sin Against the Holy Spirit

Audio File: DoNotSinAgainsttheHolyGhost.mp3 (4.94MB)

The Holy Spirit & Repentance

Audio File: HolySpiritandRepentence2.mp3 (2.95MB)

(NEW) The Sermon on the Mount: the Testimonies of Jesus Christ

Introduction: What are the Testimonies of Jesus Christ

Audio File: Introduction_WhataretheTestimoniesofJesusChristMarjorieWalls-3_19_161.45PM.m4a (13.45MB)

"And seeing the multitudes, he went up into a mountain: and when he was set, his disciples came unto him: And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,..." and he taught them of his 7 spirits and these 7 spirits are the testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Blessed Are They Which Are Persecuted....

Audio File: BlessedAreTheyWhichArePersecutedAuntieApril-3_19_162.34PM.m4a (14.28MB)

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

Spirit of Peace

Audio File: TheSpiritofPeaceSisterTam-3_19_162.25PM.m4a (7.84MB)

Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Spirit of Pureness

Audio File: AuntC_blessedarethepureinheart-3_20_1610.46AM.mp3 (8.81MB)

Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

Spirit of Mercy

Audio File: TheSpiritofMercySisterDebbie-3_19_162.38PM.m4a (19.72MB)

Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.

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The Whole Armor of God

Helmet of Salvation

Audio File: 2013ApriltheHelmetofsalvation.mp3 (5.04MB)

Shield of Faith

Audio File: 2013DeborahShieldofFaith.mp3 (4.52MB)

Feet Shod with Gospel of Peace

Audio File: 2013ebonyfeetshodwiththegospelofpeace.mp3 (3.47MB)

Breastplate of Righteousness

Audio File: BreastplateofRighteousness_AuntieC.mp3 (4.88MB)

Girdle of Truth

Audio File: thegirdleoftruth2013.mp3 (7.80MB)

(NEW) The Real Truth About Jesus Christ

Christ the Lion

Audio File: ChristtheLion-7_4_1510.44AM.m4a (11.90MB)

Common Myths About Jesus

Audio File: CommonMythsAboutJesusChrist.mp3 (13.37MB)

Christ the Creator

Audio File: ChristtheCreator.mp3 (12.49MB)

Christ the Word

Audio File: ChristtheWord.mp3 (5.38MB)

Christ the Lamb

Audio File: ChristtheLamb.mp3 (7.76MB)

(NEW) Your Religion Can’t Save You, Only God Can

Mystery Babylon: Exposing the Religious Systems of the World”

Audio File: MysteryBabylon.mp3 (17.66MB)

Common Good vs Holy

Audio File: CommonGoodvsHoliness.mp3 (11.13MB)

File: CommonGoodvsHoliness.mp3

God’s Name Is Holy, Not Propaganda

Audio File: GodsNameisHolyNotPropaganda.mp3 (10.86MB)

The Idolatry of Western Religions

Audio File: TheIdolatryofWesternReligions.mp3 (15.21MB)

Preachers for God or Preachers for Profit

Audio File: PreachersforProfit_AuntieC2014-1_2_155.29PM.m4a (12.21MB)

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(NEW) The B-I-B-L-E: What the Good Book Can Do for You

True or False? Any Bible Will Do (Part 1)

Audio File: TrueorFalse-AnyBibleWilldopart1.mp3 (14.24MB)

True or False? Any Bible Will Do (Part 2)

Audio File: TrueorFalse_AnyBiblewilldopart2.mp3 (15.25MB)

Seed of Life

Audio File: SeedofLifea.mp3 (21.46MB)

Savoury Salt

Audio File: SavourySalt.mp3 (13.96MB)

Studying the Bible

Audio File: studyingthebible.mp3 (7.73MB)

(NEW) I Am Woman of God & I Will Speak His Truth

I Am Sarah: the Mother of Many Nations

Audio File: IAmSara_theMotherofManyNationsSis.Tam.mp3 (8.26MB)

I Am Mary, the Mother of Jesus

Audio File: IAmMarytheMotherofJesus-AuntieApril.mp3 (13.23MB)

We Are Mary & Martha

Audio File: MaryandMartha.mp3 (9.90MB)

I Am Judith: More than a Widow

Audio File: IAmJudith-MorethanaWidow-SisterDebbie.mp3 (9.00MB)

I Am Hannah: the Mother of Samuel

Audio File: IAmHannah-theMotherofSamuel-SisterEbony.mp3 (9.27MB)

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(NEW) We Cannot Know True Love Without God’s Guidance

Introduction the Royal Law

Audio File: WhatIstheRoyalLaw_AuntieM.mp3 (12.82MB)

Divine Love

Audio File: DivineLoveSisterEbony.mp3 (5.29MB)

Parental Love

Audio File: ParentalLoveSisterTam.mp3 (8.11MB)

Conjugal Love

Audio File: Conjugallove.mp3 (8.33MB)

Brotherly Love

Audio File: BrotherlyLove.mp3 (10.62MB)

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The Blessed Body of Christ (3 Part Series)

His Body Is the Bread of Life

Audio File: HisBodyIstheBreadofLife.mp3 (9.35MB)

There Is Power & Life in the Blood

Audio File: ThereIsPowerLifeintheBloodofChrist.mp3 (6.40MB)

Not Only Blood but Water Poured Out His Side

Audio File: NotOnlyBloodbutWaterPouredOutofHisSide.mp3 (9.73MB)

Passover: Then, Now & The Future

Moses: a Forerunner and Symbol of Christ

Audio File: Moses_aForerunnerofChrist.mp3 (7.82MB)

The Unblemished Male Lamb

Audio File: UnblemishedLamb.mp3 (4.32MB)

Pharaoh: King of Egypt

Audio File: Pharoah_KIngofEgypt.mp3 (10.07MB)

The Land of Egypt

Audio File: TheLandofEgypt.mp3 (7.96MB)

The Spiritual Significance of Unleavened Bread vs. Leavening

Audio File: TheSpiritualSignificanceofUnleavenedBreadvs.Leavening.mp3 (12.69MB)

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(NEW) Jacob: Father of Israel (Part 2)

Patience & Long-Suffering (Jacob)

Audio File: Patience_TheStateofEndurance.mp3 (14.78MB)

Laban's Act of Deceit

Audio File: LabansActofDeceit.mp3 (7.73MB)

Laban: a Man Filled with Greed

Audio File: Laban_aManFilledwithGreed.mp3 (13.99MB)

Christ: the Lion of Judah

Audio File: Christ-theLionofJudah.mp3 (7.68MB)

The 144,000

Audio File: The144000.mp3 (6.68MB)

The Real Truth About the Man of Sin

Audio File: TheManofSin.mp3 (8.62MB)

The Battle of Armageddon

Audio File: BattleofArmageddon.mp3 (10.29MB)

(NEW) Who Are the 12 Tribes of Israel: Then & Now (3 Part Series)

Who Are the 12 Tribes of Israel: Then & Now (Part 1)

Audio File: WhoArethe12TribesofIsrael_ThenNowPart1.mp3 (11.64MB)

Who Are the 12 Tribes of Israel: Then & Now (Part 2)

Audio File: WhoArethe12TribesofIsrael_ThenandNowPart2.mp3 (13.14MB)

Who Are the 12 Tribes of Israel: Then & Now (Part 3)

Audio File: WhoArethe12TribesofIsrael_ThenNowPart3.mp3 (12.26MB)

(NEW) Jacob: the Father of Israel

The Birth of Two Nations: Jacob and Esau

Audio File: TheBirthofTwoNations_JacobandEsau_SisterDebbie.mp3 (5.11MB)

A Birthright for Sale - Ebony

Audio File: ABirthrightforSaletakeII.mp3 (8.24MB)

Jacob Supplants Esau and Gets the Firstborn Blessing

Audio File: JacobSupplantsEsauandGetstheFirstbornBlessing_AuntieMarjorie.mp3 (12.96MB)

The Blessing of Esau: the Carnal Pleasures & Life in this World

Audio File: TheBlessingofEsau_theCarnalPleasuresLifeinthisWorld.mp3 (10.18MB)

The Blessing of Jacob: the Law of God & Treasures of Heaven

Audio File: TheBlessingofJacob_theLawofGodTreasuresofHeaven.mp3 (2.86MB)

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Abraham: the Father of Many Nations

And He was First Called Abram

Audio File: AndHewasFirstCalledAbramSis.Evelyn.mp3 (3.54MB)

Sarah: I Was Once Barren but Am Now the Mother of Many Nations

Audio File: Sarah-IWasOnceBarrenbutAmNowtheMotherofManyNationsSisTam.mp3 (2.17MB)

Abram Becomes Abraham & a Holy Covenant & Circumcision Is Established

Audio File: AbramBecomesAbrahamaHolyCovenantCircumcisionIsEstablishedAuntieMarjorie.mp3 (4.49MB)

Abraham’s Faith is Tested

Audio File: _Abraham_sFaithisTestedAuntieApril.mp3 (3.07MB)

We Walk Not by Sight but By Faith & Obedience in God (Part 1)

Audio File: WeWalkNotbySightbutByFaithObedienceinGodPart1.mp3 (9.62MB)

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(NEW) Do You Know Who I Am? A Look at Those That Fought for the Truth & God’s Holy Temple

Introduction: The Rebuilding of God’s Holy Temple & Truth Under Two Different Empires

Audio File: Introduction_TheRebuildingofGodsHolyTempleandTruthUnderTwoDifferentEmpires.mp3 (3.07MB)

Cyrus: the Persian King & God’s Appointed Shepherd

Audio File: Cyrus_ThePersianKingandGodsAppointedShepherd.mp3 (6.66MB)

Zerubbabel: Laying the Ground Work for the 2nd Temple

Audio File: Zerubbabel_LayingtheGroundWorkforthe2ndTemple.mp3 (3.63MB)

Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem One Stone at a Time

Audio File: Nehemiah_RebuildingtheWallofJerusalemOneStoneataTime.mp3 (15.11MB)

Mattathias: a Mighty Warrior and Priest

Audio File: Mattathias_aMightyWarriorandPriest.mp3 (4.14MB)

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(NEW) He Creates & Destroys: Exploring God’s Power, Judgement & the Consequences of Sin

God Spoke and the Heavens, Earth & Living Creatures Came Forth

Audio File: GodSpokeandtheHeavensEarthLivingCreaturesCameForthSis.DebbieSis.April.mp3 (3.77MB)

God Created Us in His Image: We Breathe, We Feel, We Think, We Choose!

Audio File: GodCreatedUsinHisImage-WeBreatheWeFeelWeThinkWeChooseTamandMike.mp3 (2.41MB)

“You Surely Will Not Die:” the Fall of Mankind in the Garden of Eden

Audio File: YouSurelyWillNotDie-_theFallofMankindintheGardenofEdenMomAuntieC.mp3 (5.24MB)

God Judges & Destroys: Noah, the Ark & the Flood

Audio File: GodJudgesDestroys-NoahtheArktheFloodEbonyDreland.mp3 (2.72MB)

I Was Born to Live and Not to Die

Audio File: IWasBorntoLiveandNottoDie.mp3 (10.03MB)

NEW! Trumpets & Atonement: Past, Present & Future

The Holiest of Holies & the Atonement for God’s People

Audio File: Atonement2013Ebonyspodcaston_TheHoliestofHoliestheAtonmentofGodsPeople.mp3 (9.66MB)

Joshua & the Battle of Jericho: a Journey to the Promised Land

Audio File: JoshuatheBattleofJericho_aJourneytothePromisedLand_SisterTam.mp3 (5.28MB)

God is Calling His Children Out of the Howling Wilderness

Audio File: GodIsCallingHisChildrenOutoftheHowlingWilderness_Trumpets_AuntieC.mp3 (4.40MB)

The Stony Heart vs. the Heart of Flesh

Audio File: TheStonyHeartvs.theHeartofFlesh_Evelyn.mp3 (15.38MB)

The Day of Atonement Will Be a Day of Rejoicing

Audio File: TheDayofAtonementWillBeaDayofRejoicing-SisterEbony.mp3 (5.91MB)

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NEW! Christ Spoke of Times Like These: the Days of Noah & Lot

This Is a Time of Prayer & Fasting

Audio File: MarkMichelle-PrayerFasting.mp3 (5.75MB)

There Is a Famine of Truth in This World

Audio File: ThereIsaFamineofTruthinThisWorld_MarjorieWalls.mp3 (9.28MB)

The Works of the Flesh Lead to Destruction

Audio File: TheWorksofFleshLeadtoDestruction_SisterDebbie.mp3 (3.29MB)

What Is Sodomy

Audio File: WhatIsSodomy.mp3 (5.66MB)

The Days of Noah: a Time of Violence & Much Bloodshed

Audio File: TheDaysofNoah_aTimeofViolenceMuchBloodshed_AprilJackson.mp3 (6.05MB)

Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter (3 Part Series)

The Pagan Roots of Easter

Audio File: ThePaganRootsofEaster.mp3 (12.13MB)

Christ Died in the Middle of the Week & Rose on the Seventh Day Sabbath

Audio File: ChristDiedintheMiddleoftheWeekRoseontheSeventhDaySabbath.mp3 (11.76MB)

Passover Is Not Mere History but a Testament to Our Future & Hope

Audio File: PassoverIsNotMereHistoryButaTestamenttoOurFutureHope.mp3 (8.53MB)

Removing the Stumbling Blocks: a Deeper Look at the Writings of Paul

All Animals Are God's Creatures Part 1

Audio File: AllAnimalsAreGodsCreaturesPartI.mp3 (6.98MB)

All Animals Are God's Creatures Part 2

Audio File: AllAnimalsPart2.mp3 (4.66MB)

A Deeper Look at the Writings of Paul: An Overview (Part 1)

Audio File: ADeeperLookattheWritingsofApostlePaul_1.mp3 (13.67MB)

A Deeper Look at the Writings of Paul: An Overview (Part 2)

Audio File: ADeeperLookattheWritingsofApostlePaulPartII_1.mp3 (1.17MB)

Can Sunday Be the Modern Day Sabbath (Part 1)

Audio File: CanSundayBetheModernDaySabbathPart1.mp3 (11.84MB)

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NEW!: The True Origins of Christmas

Audio File: TheTrueOriginsofChristmas.mp3 (11.02MB)

Tribulation: Overcoming Adversity

Audio File: Tribulation_OvercomingAdversity.mp3 (6.77MB)

Feast of Trumpets

Audio File: FeastofTrumpets.mp3 (2.54MB)

File: FeastofTrumpets_2011.pdf

The Law

Audio File: TheLaw.m4a (20.12MB)

File: TheLaw.pdf

Christ Paved the Way: His Sacraments & Works


Audio File: Anointing-SisterGloria.mp3 (5.90MB)

Becoming a New Person in Christ

Audio File: BecomingaNewPersoninJesusChrist.mp3 (13.63MB)


Audio File: Baptism-SisterDebbie.mp3 (2.48MB)

Foot Washing

Audio File: FootWashing-SisterEvelyn.mp3 (8.13MB)

Hand Washing

Audio File: HandWashing-SisterApril.mp3 (5.37MB)

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The Sabbath Is a Sign

Audio File: TheSabbathIsaSign-SisterEvelyn.m4a (5.95MB)

Christ Kept the Sabbath So Why Shouldn't We

Audio File: ChristKepttheSabbathSoWhyShouldntWe-SisterEbony.m4a (5.52MB)

From Sundown to Sundown We Worship on the Sabbath

Audio File: FromSundowntoSundown-SisterColleen.m4a (4.31MB)

Common vs. Holy on the Sabbath Day

Audio File: Commonvs.HolyontheSabbathDay-SisterTam.m4a (3.37MB)

How to Worship God on His Sabbath Day

Audio File: HowtoWorshipGodontheSabbath-SisterApril.m4a (5.41MB)

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The Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Introduction: The Relevance of the Fruits of the Spirit during the Feast of Pentecost

Audio File: Introduction_RelevenceoftheFruitsoftheSpirittoPentecost.mp3 (3.01MB)


Audio File: Love.mp3 (3.72MB)


Audio File: Joy.mp3 (1.17MB)


Audio File: Peace.mp3 (1.26MB)


Audio File: Longsuffering.mp3 (1.86MB)

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Anger & its Effects

Audio File: AngeranditsEffect.mp3 (3.18MB)

God Knows His Children

Audio File: GodKnowsHisChildren.MP3 (1.90MB)

What it Means to Be a True Christian

Audio File: WhatDoesitMeantoBeaTrueChristian.mp3 (4.81MB)

What to Look for When Seeking a Church

Audio File: WhattoLookforWhenSeekingaChurch.mp3 (4.27MB)

Reading the Bible Daily

Audio File: ReadingtheBibleDaily.mp3 (3.15MB)

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