Testimonies of Faith

"But exhort one another daily, while it is called today...."

God Is a God of Mercy: Celebrating the Day of Atonement

Celebrate the 7th Month Feasts (Part I): Trumpets & Atonement

Does Grace Give Us a License to Sin? (Atonement)

Audio File: DoesGraceGiveUsaLicensetoSin_Atonement-SisterElisabeth.m4a (5.55MB)

Christ Will Blot Out Our Sins (Atonement)

Audio File: ChristWillBlotOutOurSins.m4a (4.40MB)

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Celebrate the 7th Month Feasts (Part II): Tabernacles & Ingathering

When the Holy Spirit Lives in You

Peter: From Fishermen to Fisher of Man (Part 1)

Audio File: Peter_fromFishermantoFisherofMenPart1.mp3 (9.34MB)

Peter: From Fishermen to Fisher of Man (Part 2)

Audio File: Peter_fromFishermantoFisherofMenPart22.mp3 (14.84MB)

Saul vs Paul: the Power to Change through the Holy Spirit (Part 1)

Audio File: Saulvs.Paulpart1.mp3 (10.11MB)

Saul vs Paul: the Power to Change through the Holy Spirit (Part 2)

Audio File: SaulvsPaulpart2.mp3 (11.78MB)

The 144,000- God’s First Fruit Group

Audio File: The144000.mp3 (6.68MB)

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The Characteristics & Works of the Holy Spirit

(NEW) The Sermon on the Mount: the Testimonies of Jesus Christ

The Spirit of Hunger and Thirst

Audio File: Hungerandthirst-3_20_1610.45AM.mp3 (9.83MB)

Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled.

The Spirit of Mourning

Audio File: TheSpiritofMourning_SisterElisabethC.Pointer.m4a (10.67MB)

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Spirit of Meekness

Audio File: TheSpiritofMeeknessSisterEbony-3_19_162.06PM.m4a (9.36MB)

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

The Spirit of Poorness

Audio File: TheSpiritofPoornessSisterEvelyn-3_19_161.59PM.m4a (19.66MB)

Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven, (Matthew 5: 3)

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The Whole Armor of God

(NEW) The Real Truth About Jesus Christ

(NEW) Your Religion Can’t Save You, Only God Can

People of the World: in Desert and Wilderness

Audio File: PeopleoftheWorldinDesertsWilderness-1_2_155.33PM.m4a (8.97MB)

How to Choose a Church

Audio File: HowtoChooseaChurch.mp3 (12.39MB)

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(NEW) The B-I-B-L-E: What the Good Book Can Do for You

(NEW) I Am Woman of God & I Will Speak His Truth

I Am Ruth: Faithful Daughter in Law

Audio File: IAmRuth-FaithfulDaughternLaw-SisterApril.mp3 (11.04MB)

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(NEW) We Cannot Know True Love Without God’s Guidance

Self Love

Audio File: Selflove.mp3 (2.87MB)

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The Blessed Body of Christ (3 Part Series)

Passover: Then, Now & The Future

Communion Wine

Audio File: CommunionWine.mp3 (8.00MB)

Blood on Doorpost

Audio File: BloodontheDoorposts.mp3 (11.37MB)

Staffs in Their Hands

Audio File: StaffsinTheirHands.mp3 (3.95MB)

Shoes on Their Feet

Audio File: ShoesonTheirFeet.mp3 (11.54MB)

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(NEW) Jacob: Father of Israel (Part 2)

(NEW) Who Are the 12 Tribes of Israel: Then & Now (3 Part Series)

(NEW) Jacob: the Father of Israel

(BONUS) When I First Learned I was an Israelite: a Personal Experience Shared by Our Pastor

Audio File: WhenIFirstLearnedIwasanIsraelite_aPersonalExperienceSharedbyOurPastor.mp3 (15.69MB)

(Bonus) Jacob & Esau: a Tale of 2 Brothers

Audio File: JacobandEsau_TheTaleofTwoSons.mp3 (6.91MB)

(Bonus) Looking for a Worthy Investment: Choose the Stock of Jesus Christ

Audio File: Lookingforaworthyinvestment.mp3 (4.12MB)

(Bonus) Developing a Close Bond with Christ: a Step by Step Guide

Audio File: Abond.mp3 (9.08MB)

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Abraham: the Father of Many Nations

We Walk Not by Sight but By Faith & Obedience in God (Part 2)

Audio File: WeWalkNotbySightbutByFaithObedienceinGodPart2.mp3 (8.51MB)

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(NEW) Do You Know Who I Am? A Look at Those That Fought for the Truth & God’s Holy Temple

Judas Maccabeus: the Great Leader of the Maccabean Revolt

Audio File: JudasMaccabeus.mp3 (5.84MB)

The Woman and Her Seven Sons

Audio File: TheWomanandHerSevenSons.mp3 (3.90MB)

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(NEW) He Creates & Destroys: Exploring God’s Power, Judgement & the Consequences of Sin

NEW! Trumpets & Atonement: Past, Present & Future

The Last Trump: the First Resurrection & Brightness of Christ’s Coming

Audio File: TheLastTrump_theFirstResurrectionBrightnessofChrist_sComing-AuntieApril.mp3 (12.86MB)

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NEW! Christ Spoke of Times Like These: the Days of Noah & Lot

Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover Instead of Easter (3 Part Series)

Removing the Stumbling Blocks: a Deeper Look at the Writings of Paul

Can Sunday Be the Modern Day Sabbath (Part 2)

Audio File: CanSundayBetheModernDaySabbathPart2.mp3 (11.06MB)

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Christ Paved the Way: His Sacraments & Works


Audio File: Communion-MotherMarjorie.mp3 (11.18MB)

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Trusty Tips to Prepare You for the Sabbath

Audio File: TrustyTipstoPrepareYOurselffortheSabbath-SisterDebbie.m4a (5.65MB)

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The Fruits of the Holy Spirit


Audio File: Gentleness.mp3 (7.48MB)


Audio File: Goodness.mp3 (1.90MB)


Audio File: Faith.mp3 (0.99MB)


Audio File: Meekness.mp3 (3.40MB)


Audio File: Temperance.mp3 (3.07MB)

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