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For the month of December we look forward to the Feast of Dedication, taking place Sabbath, December 9th, 2023 at 11:30AM.  This is a holy convocation that has dual meanings including: 1) the rebuilding of God’s church and the restoration of the truth and 2) committing your entire life unto the purpose of serving and obeying God. God established three great feasts in the law for us to keep every year throughout our generations including Passover, Pentecost and Tabernacles.  The leaders of Israel called for all of the children of Israel to celebrate certain feasts and fasts based on events that occurred during their time, which includes the Day of Dedication.  We acknowledge the Day of Dedication because we are also looking for the rebuilding of God’s Church and the restoration of the truth.

Ezra in the Spotlight

The Feast of Dedication

The Spiritual House

The Medes & Persian Empire

The Greek & the Maccabees

The Real Truth About Christmas

Our Church Brochure

"The bible is God’s word.  Without his word we have no truth.  It is from his word that we come to know God, who he is and how to obey him."

"We believe in the word of God and in his promise.  We must be prepared for his coming, by obeying him and keeping his commandments."

"Your appearance matters. As sons and daughters of the kingdom of heaven, our appearance is most important as a sign of sanctification. It represents the wedding garment required by God to be saved."

"God sanctified other days besides the Sabbath day for us to come together and worship him. These special days help us to understand and remember God’s plan for our salvation and deliverance."

"We are the true Israelite, the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.  God promised Abraham that he would leave a remnant, or portion of his children."

"Most of the “holidays” that the people in the world keep, are not holy, but pagan. When God gave the law to the children of Israel he also gave them certain feast days or holy days to keep every year.  These holy days are part of the commandments of the Lord. The heathen kept other days in their worship of their idol gods."

"In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth, He gave to man a day of rest.  He sanctified the seventh day and made it holy.  This means that it is set apart or separated from the other days of the week, for the worship and praise of God."

"What is a sacrament? It is a sign of sanctification and perfection that represents sacrifices of righteousness. Sacraments are ordained by God, and are ritualistically practiced."

"Tithes and offerings are perpetual divine ordinances of God.  It is an unchangeable law decreed in the Ten Commandments and the Testimonies of Jesus Christ.  When the Lord enriches you with your basic necessities, the things you need to occupy or exist in this earth, you are to return a portion back to him."

"Unlike man, God does not change. He said, For I am the Lord, I change not]. (Mal 3:6). Yet grievous wolves came into the Christian churches set up by the disciples.  They changed the laws of God to worship idols."

"A basic definition of a testimony is to declare or acknowledge under oath.  When we stand on the altar of God and testify we are showing a personal experience with God.  It is a declaration of what God has done for us that will encourage others to continue in the faith."


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